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Greetings to all!

I would wager that most of you remember darklord_news, a small journal used for reccing the week's Voldemort and Tom-centric works.

Unfortunately darklord_news is no longer with us. In its place is the new team_darklord.

This is a community that everyone is invited to watch as it houses recs pertaining to Voldemort and Tom-centric works at least once a week. The mods are friendly and promise to give everyone a week's notice if they ever decide to walk off the face of the Earth.

So please watch our new community! We welcome any recs as well!
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I have a survey for Voldemort if he feels like answering!!

Do you know that people think you're evil?
How do you feel about that?
What arguments would you use against them?
How do you inspire loyalty in your followers?
Do you prefer to be worshipped, feared, or respected for your accomplishments?
Do you enjoy hurting people?
Do you hurt people to accomplish your goals, and how do you feel about that?
Do you have a good relationship with your family?
How does your family feel about the fact that many people think you're evil?
Do you have many close friends?
How would they describe you? Do they support what you do?
Do you have romantic relationships?
What are you attracted to, romantically?
Do your romantic partners support what you do? How would they describe you?
Are you ambitious?
What are you willing to do to accomplish your goals?
What are you NOT willing to do?
What are your most important moral values?
Do you use your power for personal benefit, or are you mostly trying to accomplish an impersonal goal?
Do you enjoy working? How motivated are you?
Do you appreciate strong competition, or would you prefer to win challenges easily?
Do you admire people with the courage to defy you, or do you resent them/want to destroy them?

Forgive me if it is insulting My Lord, I merely wished to know. And I'm getting on with the background as fast as I can.
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Hi guys(andgals)!

Some of you may be wondering where your WWV(T)D? bracelet is, and here's the answer!?

As for the members of love_voldemort, you should know about your delay, and you'll probably get your bracelets (at the very latest) shipped off around mid november. (In time for christmas?! Er. Yes. >.>)

(X-posted & edited at spacecadets) XP

For newer members that have/have not ordered bracelets: Er. I suppose those that have bracelets on the order could get the extra voldie-honey love, but for new members who haven't ordered... You... Er. Might have to wait for the next batch I make. In other words, sometime after christmas T.T (Unless you urgently need it in which case I'll try and get it done by mid novemberish...)

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WWVD? Bracelets!!!!

Courtesy of storge_space and Mr Gregory Goyle, I said I was going to make some bracelets (For more info, visit that link.)

...Because I am undoubtedly crazy, I figure if any of you want something extra in the post say, a certificate proclaiming your proud love

...Well, would any of you be willing to recieve? It means that your bracelets might be sent out with a later batch than might have been, but this way you will have something to put on your wall as well!! get something more to show the Voldiekins love.

Depending on my time, they will come on nicely yellowed parchment, with burnt edges to make it look really Voldemort love-like...and...

It'll be a complete secret as to what you get, of course. >.> <.<

I guess this is open only to members here, because the everyone is getting something with the bracelet, you guys just happen to be getting a little extra?

And also, if you haven't ordered a bracelet already, I'm taking last minute orders until tomorrow morning, because I still have about half the beads to buy and I can only do that tomorrow evening.

SO! Is anyone wanting the extra thingy or should I just forget it?

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This is just to make sure I am in complete compliance with the rules stated in the user info....

*laughs hysterically for 9.3 minutes at the absurdity that the wizarding world calls Harry Potter of all people their saviour*

Love from Shannon

oh, and...
Out of love for Voldiekins, I offer my help to this community in anyway that I might be of service. ANYTHING FOR YOU MY LORD!

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Hurrah for Voldiekins!

I am so excited about this community! And I come bearing gifts. You guys have probably seen these before, but they are my semi-crappy, done really quickly, voldielovin icons.

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