~Taryn~ (tsu_chan55) wrote in love_voldemort,

Hi guys(andgals)!

Some of you may be wondering where your WWV(T)D? bracelet is, and here's the answer!?

As for the members of love_voldemort, you should know about your delay, and you'll probably get your bracelets (at the very latest) shipped off around mid november. (In time for christmas?! Er. Yes. >.>)

(X-posted & edited at spacecadets) XP

For newer members that have/have not ordered bracelets: Er. I suppose those that have bracelets on the order could get the extra voldie-honey love, but for new members who haven't ordered... You... Er. Might have to wait for the next batch I make. In other words, sometime after christmas T.T (Unless you urgently need it in which case I'll try and get it done by mid novemberish...)

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