_barnstormer (_barnstormer) wrote in love_voldemort,

This is just to make sure I am in complete compliance with the rules stated in the user info....

*laughs hysterically for 9.3 minutes at the absurdity that the wizarding world calls Harry Potter of all people their saviour*

Love from Shannon

oh, and...
Out of love for Voldiekins, I offer my help to this community in anyway that I might be of service. ANYTHING FOR YOU MY LORD!
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At least Mr. Potter is amusing. ... >.>;;;

YES!! I feel like having need banners and pictures and other fun stuff if you feel like making some XD There shall be credit cookies CREDIT&COOKIES!!!
Thank you I stole it from someone who's name I forget but i did credit them.....

You must stell me how you do that lovely crossy outtie thing.

Cool, it will give me a chance to play with my new photo editing program, I'm not promising brilliance, but I shall try.

I will look for word to your erm... cookies.
It is genius. (I really need a wider vocabulary...)

it's [strike]blah[/strike] except with <> around strike XD

YAY!!! Trying is good. I The Dark Lord appreciates all forms of love! :D

...I suppose you could. They're not that great, and they'll probably be slightly stale by the time they reach you, but sure. It's worth a shot XD Chocolate chip sound good? XD
Chocolate chip sounds lovely.

SO, I did an image search for voldemort and the first result was this:



Excellent. I shall get right on it.


*does not know whether to laugh, cry or cower*
I so completely agree.

hmm... so in a few minutes I have made this:

But you know it is rather difficult to find pictures of him.... if you see some, send them to me though.
Quite so.


Yes. I shall start looking for some more.
You flatter me. It took me like a minute, and I'm a bit distracted.

yesh, I looked, but I didn't really know which to use.
It's better than I can do =P

There's not much available for use, is there O.o;

If it makes it any easier, you can use some Ralph Viennes pictures or something. *hopes they're easier to find*
well erm... I've found This

I shall try and find some pictures of him then...

*wants that license plate*
Me too.

erm.. I think I got the right guy. After some playing around, I've decided he looks pretty good in green.

I wasn't really sure what you wanted, so I'm just messing around right now. I think we need someone with teh photoshop...
Messing around is good O.o;

He looks very good in green. It is almost surprising, really, as I don't think many people do... YOU MADE HIS EYES RED!!! XD

It's great :D I shall put it on the main page if thats okay with you?
thats fine, theyre srt of a reddish grey, i couldn't quite get them to be red.
Nyeh, close enough :D YAY! It's on the userinfo!! XD ... And now I have to go eat supper. >.>;; Mm. Food.


13 years ago