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This is a community for the expressions of Love due to our favourite Dark Lord (A.K.A.: Evil Over Lord, Voldemort, Lord Voldemort or, as known affectionately by some of his faithful followers: Voldiekins.)

Community Rules

1. Thou shalt adore the Dark Lord.
2. Thou shalt aspire to be a: Minion, Slave, Servant, Scum.
3. Thou shalt refer to the Dark Lord always as: Evil Overlord, Lord Voldemort, or Voldiekins.
3a. This Community refers to the dark Lord as Voldiekins.
3ai. Unless thou refer to him as Morty, Mortimer or Mortiekins.
3aii. Unless thou refer to him as Voldie-honey.
4. Thou shalt not flame lovers of the Dark Lord.
4a. Thou shalt not flame non-lovers of the Dark Lord.
4ai. Though I do not see the reason for these non-lovers to join and make themselves open to ridicule from the lovers of the Dark Lord, in adherence to Rule 1.
5. There is no five.
6. The unforgivable curses are forgivable here.
6a. So long as they are not cast against members, watchers, or Voldiekins.
7. Thou shalt laugh at Potter.
8. Thou shalt be respectful and inspired by the dark Lord's official followers, the Death Eaters.
8a. Thou shalt not stalk Mr Malfoy (or his son), Mr Snape or any of the others as fervently as thou shalt stalk the Dark Lord.
9. If the Dark Lord calls for service, thou shalt give it unhesitatingly.
9a. Thou are allowed to wibble in adoration for exactly 6 point 3 minutes before he uses thou for his uses.
10. Love the Dark Lord.
11. Thou shalt say 'EEEeeEEEE!!!!' in adoration of the Dark Lord when thou hearest Good News.

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